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Clay B. Johnson, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Clay takes great pride in helping his fellow Ohioans. Prior to working at Johnson & Core LLP, he worked in banking regulation and risk management. When he’s not advocating for families and accused individuals in the courtroom, Clay spends time serving his community. When you work with Clay, you get a local advocate on your side who truly cares about the people he represents.

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Vincent A. Core, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Vincent worked at a public defender’s office and a domestic law firm before becoming a part of the team at Johnson & Core LLP. It was these experiences that shaped his interest in criminal and family law. In a legal system that doesn’t always ensure that justice is served, attorneys like Vincent are necessary to making sure your voice is heard and your rights are upheld.

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Each of the experienced attorneys at Johnson & Core LLP brings with them a distinct background and unique skill set.

These talented individuals make up a true powerhouse of a legal team. With a hunger for helping others, a passion for advocacy, and a drive to succeed, Clay and Vincent are ready and willing to fight for you.

When your future or your family is at the center of a legal issue, put a pair of exceptional legal minds at the helm. By calling on each other’s strengths and using their combined knowledge to your advantage, Attorneys Johnson and Core prove that two heads are better than one.

Protecting Your Rights

& the People Most Important to You

If you’ve been accused of committing a crime or your family is facing legal difficulties like divorce, let the legal team at Johnson & Core LLP provide the protection you need to gain peace of mind moving forward.

Practice Areas

Attorney Johnson and Attorney Core will fight for your future and your family.


Sometimes, the best way to achieve the future you deserve is to get a fresh start. If you’re navigating a divorce, Johnson & Core LLP is here to help.

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Post-Decree Litigation

If you’re dealing with a dispute after your divorce has been granted, put a team of skilled litigators on your side to seek a resolution to your conflict.

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Criminal Defense

Don’t let a criminal charge throw your life off course. Clay and Vincent have the skills necessary to fight for your rights in Columbus and beyond.

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Collaborative Legal Counsel

Working with you to seek smart solutions.

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Here, Your Case Comes First.
Personal & Professional Legal Services to Help You Move Forward.

When you’re determining who you’ll entrust with your family law or criminal case, it is of the utmost importance that you feel seen, heard, and valued. At Johnson & Core LLP, the focus is always on you—your needs, your goals, and your future. That’s why individuals and families throughout Delaware, Fairfield, Richland, and Hocking counties trust Clay and Vincent to fight for them.

If you’re filing for divorce, navigating the child custody and support processes, seeking a civil protection order, or facing post-decree litigation, Attorney Johnson and Attorney Core are the compassionate advisors you need and deserve. This top-notch legal team will seek the solutions your family needs.

In criminal law, perception is reality. When a jury or a judge is presented with your case, they will take it at face value. For this reason, Johnson & Core LLP emphasizes collecting strong supporting evidence and presenting a comprehensive defense that will seek to leave no doubt in the deciding party’s mind that you deserve the chance to move forward.

Your second chance is waiting for you. Whether you’re seeking exoneration from a criminal charge or a fresh start through filing for divorce, schedule a free initial consultation in Columbus, Ohio today. Start discussing your case and your possible options with Attorney Johnson and Attorney Core.