Driving under the influence in Ohio leads to a variety of serious consequences. Along with being arrested and having to pay a fine, there are other punishments you may also be faced with depending on the circumstances of your case. Very Well Mind offers some examples of what could happen if you are convicted of a DUI.


Probation can be applied even without a jail sentence and it is a common occurrence after a DUI arrest. During your probationary term, you will be required to follow certain rules, such as not drinking. Breaking these rules can lead to a jail sentence or incur even greater fines. You will also be responsible for paying any fees related to the probation for the duration of the term.

Ignition interlock device

Much like a breathalyzer, an ignition interlock device requires the driver to blow into a machine so that the blood alcohol content (BAC) can be evaluated. If the person’s BAC breaches the legal limit, the car will fail to start, and the incident will be logged. The driver may also be subject to further punishments, including license suspension. These devices are becoming more and more common as a means to deter motorists from drunk driving. Even first-time offenders may be subject to an ignition interlock.

Drunk driving school

If your license is suspended, you will probably be ordered to attend drunk driving school. During classes, you will be given an alcohol evaluation, which determines how much you drink and whether there is a problem. As a result of your evaluation, you may also be recommended for court-ordered rehab, which you must complete as a part of your probationary terms. Drunk driving classes also involve instructions on safe driving and how to prevent DUIs from occurring.