To raise children, to keep their households or for any other number of reasons, people may put off their own professional ambitions in support of their spouses’ careers during their marriages. Should they get divorced, those who have made this sacrifice and do not have gainful employment of their own, or experience or training, may find themselves in need of continued financial support from their spouses. Therefore, it is important for people to understand how Ohio courts determine alimony awards.

According to FindLaw, spousal support is defined in the state of Ohio as a payment or payments made to help sustain and support an ex-spouse. These payments may be made directly to people’s spouses, or the court may order them to be made to third parties for the benefit of their spouses.

According to state law, family law courts only issue spousal support orders when they are deemed appropriate and reasonable. In making this determination, the court considers a number of factors, including the following:

·        The length of the marriage

·        The standard of living set during the marriage

·        The age, mental and physical condition of each spouse

·        The income, relative earning capacities and education level of each spouse

·        The relative assets and liabilities of each spouse

The court may also take into account each spouse’s input to the training, education or earning ability of the other; the loss of either spouse’s income potential due to his or her marital responsibilities; and the time and expense that would be needed for the spouse who requested support to obtain the necessary education, training or experience to get gainful employment.