When you have a child, it is supposed to be an enjoyable and wonderful experience. However, for some people, the birth of a child is unexpected and something they are not prepared for. Becoming a parent requires a serious commitment, mentally, emotionally and financially. If you are the father of a child and the mother decides to give the child up for adoption, is there anything you can do? What if you want to raise the child and make the commitment to being a parent? Can you stop the adoption? Do you get any say in Ohio?

According to the Ohio State Bar Association, if you are not married to the mother of the child, then you need to register with the Ohio Putative Father Registry. This registry will alert you to any adoption activity involving your child. Once you get an alert, you have to file a petition with the court to object to the adoption. Keep in mind that you will need to provide the court with an alternative plan for parenting the child.

In any situation, you have to sign away your parental rights. If you are the legal father of the child and have parental rights, the mother cannot adopt out the child without your consent. You should receive a notice of the adoption so you can contest it. If you do not respond, the court may terminate your rights, which means the adoption will continue and you will lose all rights to your child. This information is for education and is not legal advice.