Ohio is one of the states in the country that has very solid self-defense or stand your ground laws. The state makes it very clear that you can use force, even deadly force, to defend yourself without the fear of facing a murder charge. However, the self-defense law does not make it legal to kill people and claim you did it in defense of yourself. There are specific guidelines you must follow and details that are important to distinguish it from murder.

CNN explains the self-defense law in the state is only applicable to defend yourself or someone else at your home or in your vehicle. You cannot go into public, kill someone and try to use self-defense as an excuse. In addition, you must believe you are in immediate danger of great harm and the only way you can prevent that is by using force. There is no requirement to try to get away, though. Some other states do require that you try to get away from the situation before using force, but that is not the case in Ohio. Furthermore, it also requires the person who is threatening you to enter you home or vehicle illegally.

You should understand each element of the law here. If you deviate even slightly, you could face a murder charge. For example, if a court or jury finds there is no reason why you should have feared bodily harm, then you could end up with a charge for murder and have your self-defense claim thrown out. This information is for education and is not legal advice.