It is no secret that many divorces in Ohio and across the United States end in divorce. While adults are often well equipped to deal with the harsh realities of this emotional and legal matter, children involved in the process often do not have the same capabilities. Thus, it is vitally important for parents to adequately support their children through the divorce process, and part of that is informing your children in an appropriate manner. According to Kid’s Health, this conversation needs to be tailored to the temperament, age, and maturity of your child.

Obviously, you talk to a four-year-old in a different manner than a fourteen-year-old. However, you need to take into consideration how much your child can handle and what their sources of information are. For instance, a four-year-old is going to require a much more simplistic description of what is going on. The main thing to underscore is that the situation is in no way the child’s fault.

With teenagers it is not only different due to a higher level of maturity, but also because they get their information from a much wider variety of sources. Namely, many of your child’s friends may also have gone through a divorce. Particularly if one of their friends’ parents have gone through a messy divorce, you may need to take this into consideration when describing what is going on. Assuring your teen that their routines, living situation, and school will not change is also very important, assuming that this is true. If this is not true, explain the situation clearly. Your teen may benefit from personal therapy to work through the divorce.