There are a few different official state level registries in Ohio. You may be familiar with some of them. They all serve different purposes. Some inform while others assist. Many are criminal related. The Ohio Habitual Offender Registry is one such list.

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, this registry announces the names and charges for habitual drunk drivers. You may not have even known about this registry. It is not something mentioned often in government discussions about OVI penalties.

Searching the registry

This registry, like most state-run registries, is available to the public. You can easily search it to find specific individuals or you can search within a specific county or zip code. The search feature has boxes where you can enter the first, middle and last names, along with the county and zip code. You can search using any of the criteria.

Getting on the registry

Authorities will enter your name in this registry if you are a habitual offender, meaning that you have five OVI convictions at least. They need to be within the past 20 years. Only those convictions in the state of Ohio count towards this number, and only in-state convictions appear on the registry. Do note that the records include juvenile convictions.

This registry began in 2008, so if all of your convictions were prior to September 30 of that year, then you will not be on the registry. If even one conviction came after that date, though, you will be on the registry.

The Habitual Offender Registry updates on a monthly basis using records from the courts. Information provided is directly from the court records, so there is no guarantee of accuracy. The records provide your name, address, birth date, case number and a list of your convictions in the last 20 years.