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How Can A Lawyer Help With Child Custody?

Johnson & Core LLC July 1, 2021

Legal matters regarding your family can be complicated, which is made even more so when a child becomes involved. After determining the results of a divorce, there is often the question of child custody left on the table, and the conflict can quickly become heated and emotionally charged. Thankfully, you do not have to navigate this complex and sensitive process alone and can enlist the help of a Family Attorney for Child Custody. Not only will they act as a support system while you endure the ordeal, but they will advocate for and work with you throughout every stage of the process, lending their expertise and knowledge along the way.

One of the significant benefits of hiring a Custody Lawyer is the legal expertise they bring to the table. Additionally, by hiring a Custody Lawyer, you will get a master negotiator. This can be beneficial because it is wise to attempt to mediate child custody issues before bringing the matter to litigation. Litigation is costly and can put your child through a great deal of stress and potential trauma. If it can be avoided, even in small part, it should be. In Columbus, OH, finding the Best Child Custody Lawyers near you is essential. They will be familiar with the area and the local professionals that can assist at various points throughout the case.

Many people hold a common misconception that hiring an attorney can be extremely costly, and many try to take advantage of folks struggling through a difficult situation. At Johnson and Core LLPthis could not be further from the truth. With every potential client who passes through our doors, we strive to provide the pinnacle of legal service and professionalism, but what sets the firm apart in Columbus, OH, is the degree of compassion and care we apply to every case. You will find a team of dedicated and seasoned Family Law Attorneys ready and waiting to ensure you receive the most favorable resolution possible for your unique set of circumstances.

Since child custody cases can often become bitter and drawn-out affairs, litigation can be lengthy and highly pricey if no compromises could be made during mediation. To avoid this, working with each party's attorney from the early stages of the process and encouraging compromise is critical. For every point that can be agreed upon during mediation, one less issue must be hashed out in court, potentially saving thousands of dollars and weeks of court proceedings. Unfortunately, litigation also tends to create an air of hostility that can lead to even more disagreement as the battle continues. This tends to be a vicious cycle, as the more hostile each party becomes, the less likely they will be to agree or compromise on any issues.

Custody cases are won and lost on the basis of what the Court determines is in the best interest of your child or children. In the event your case heads to trial, it may also become necessary to enlist the help of professionals that can testify in court. Since the courts in Columbus, OH, are solely focused on what is in the best interest of your child or children, the Court will eventually base its decision on the statutory Best Interest Factors delineated in Ohio Revised Code 3109.04. If any allegations of child abuse or neglect are brought into question, hiring a Child Custody Lawyer is all but essential.