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What Happens if I Have Been accused or Charged with Domestic Violence in Columbus, Ohio?

Johnson & Core LLC Aug. 17, 2021

Being charged with a Domestic Violence offense in Columbus, Ohio is very serious. Although under the constitution you are innocent until proven guilty, you may feel as though you are being punished before such a finding has been made.

In most instances where Domestic violence has been alleged, a warrant for arrest will be issued. If that warrant is executed or “called-in”, the alleged perpetrator will be arrested and be given a chance to enter a plea before a judge at arraignment. Additionally, the issue of bond will be addressed. This is a critical stage of your case because it is your first opportunity to address the terms and conditions of your release while your case is pending.

In many cases, the court may impose a monetary bond that must be paid in order to be released. There are also typically additional terms such as a “stay away order”, and perhaps a suspension of any conceal carry permits.

Cash bonds can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and for this reason alone it is important to hire an experienced attorney who knows what arguments to make to ensure you the best result possible. While the allegations by the alleged victim matter, many other factors such as the alleged perpetrators previous record, community ties and many others have great weight as well.

Once your plea has been entered and bond has been addressed your attorney can move on to the next critical stage: the actual defense of the underlying domestic violence charges.

If you or a loved one has been charged with domestic violence or they have an active warrant for a domestic violence charge, please contact one of our Columbus, Ohio attorneys today.