Strategic, Comprehensive Business Law Representation

Legal issues intertwine with almost every aspect of running a business. From the day you create your enterprise, through everyday transactions, to challenges or conflicts that must be resolved, having access to an experienced commercial law attorney is essential to keeping your company profitable and productive.

Johnson & Core, LLP, helps Ohio businesses in the Columbus area handle their legal matters. We understand most small and medium-sized businesses do not need in-house counsel, so we provide affordable legal representation that you can trust. Both of our lawyers are Ohio natives, so we are committed to supporting a healthy economy in our community.

We Support Your New Or Established Company

Our firm can provide useful legal recommendations no matter what stage of development your company is in. Some of our services include:

Company Formation Services

  • Helping you determine the best legal structure for your enterprise, whether that be an LLC, an S or C corporation, or something else
  • Advising you on the tax consequences of each business structure
  • Helping you file all necessary paperwork with government offices to get your business off the ground
  • Discussing if your enterprise has outgrown its original legal structure and helping you change to another one if necessary

Business Transaction Matters

  • Advising you on creating human resource materials and implementing hiring practices
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts
  • Discussing your rights as a creditor
  • Representing you in conversations about strategic alliances, mergers/acquisitions and divestitures
  • Guiding you through the IPO process, or answering questions about going private

Commercial/Business Litigation

  • Safeguarding your rights in contract disputes
  • Representing your company’s position in employment lawsuits
  • Resolving intellectual property conflicts, such as trademark or copyright infringement
  • Protecting your interests in business tort cases

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Letting legal matters go unresolved can cost you later. Our firm can advise your company on crucial business issues, regardless of its size or age. Call us at 614-964-5288 for an introductory consultation appointment, or email us. We serve clients across the Columbus metropolitan area.