Finding The Right Answers For Your Divorce

Ending a marriage is never easy. Beyond the emotional upheaval that even a noncontested divorce creates, there are numerous legal details that must be sorted out. Hiring a divorce attorney who understands your current circumstances and future goals is essential for mapping out a healthy post-divorce future.

Johnson & Core, LLP, works with divorce clients from across the Columbus metro area to help them find the best solutions to their divorce-related questions. Our firm approaches divorce actions, inside or outside of court, with the aim of producing results for you that are sustainable.

Creating An Equitable Divorce, Step By Step

Our attorneys are equipped to assist with every aspect of a divorce. Each marital breakup is unique, and we can provide suggestions and representation for these issues, among others:

Ohio is a state that mandates that the division of marital property in a divorce be equitable, and that divorce matters involving children be guided by what is in their best interests. Our lawyers are able to help you craft an out-of-court settlement with your ex that meets those standards, yet lets the two of you create a legal document that suits your individual situation.

If you are concerned that your divorce that will need to be litigated to ensure the right results for your family, know that our firm is never afraid to fight for the needs of you and your family in court.

Collaborating With You To Reduce Your Legal Stresses

Work with a hometown family law attorney. To set up an appointment to discuss your case, call our offices at 614-964-5288 or use our online contact form to get in touch.