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When you are getting a divorce, whether it be straightforward and uncontested or high-asset and heated, you deserve a legal partner you can trust. Come to us for reliable and affordable representation that puts your needs and goals first.

At Johnson & Core, LLP, we help people in the Columbus metro area and central Ohio find effective solutions in divorce cases.

Throughout your case, we will provide you with personalized guidance and attentive support. Our attorneys understand how much the outcome of your case matters to you and your future. We are dedicated to getting the best results for you.

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Some divorces are able to be resolved through settlements. Others end up requiring court battles. Whatever direction your divorce goes, we will be there standing up for your best interests. We are skilled negotiators. We are also ready to fight matters out in litigation for you should that be required to protect your family and future.

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“He kept me in the loop and up to date via text message the whole time, which I loved since I’m usually busy at work during the day, so we could stay in touch easily. We were able to get the official custody paperwork signed off quickly and easily with just one court date. I am forever grateful for Clay.”

—Holly, 2018

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