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Compassionate, Collaborative Family Law Representation In Columbus

Family law matters tend to be stressful, even traumatic. The impact of and results of these matters tend to be life-changing. That’s why the choice of an attorney is so important, as it can dictate both the tone and outcome of your case.

At Johnson & Core, LLP, we strive to provide personalized, attentive representation to clients across Columbus, Ohio, as they deal with family law matters ranging from divorce to child custody issues. Our goals are simple: finding solutions while guiding you through the process, with an eye towards developing sustainable, long-term results. That’s why we take a calm, measured approach to every matter we undertake.

From Prenuptial Agreements To Post-Divorce Decrees, We’ll Address Your Concerns

Family law matters extend past divorce, though we assist with both contested and uncontested divorce cases. At our firm, we provide comprehensive counsel on the many issues you may encounter, including:

  • Child custody: Having the chance to spend time with your children is extremely important. We’ll guide you through issues of physical and legal custody as well as visitation rights. Whatever the circumstances, we will protect your parental rights while representing the best interests of your children.

  • Child support: We can help you with support-related, matters, from making a fair determination of how the support is calculated to helping collect or receive a reprieve on payments.

  • Post-decree litigation: We can work on your behalf to modify orders months or even years after your divorce.

  • Spousal support: From determining temporary or permanent support, we can help you find the optimal support situation.

  • Property and asset division: There are numerous factors that go into property division. We’ll help you look to see if everything is being split equitably.

In addition to these matters, we work with clients on premarital agreements, adoption proceedings, paternity matters, and more.

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