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Creating A Custody Agreement That Works

If you are ending your marriage and you and your spouse had children together, one of the centerpieces of your divorce decree will be the child custody arrangements. Ohio has long recognized “best interests of the child” as the legal standard by which any custody agreement should be measured. Fathers and mothers have an equal footing when submitting their custody requests. Both parents in a child’s life are deemed essential to their upbringing, unless evidence proves they cannot perform that function.

At Johnson & Core, LLP, we take a calm, reasoned, even-tempered approach to custody, which can easily become one of the most conflict-laden aspects of your divorce. We will evaluate your situation and suggest custody strategies that will provide stability for your children. We will also advocate for your personal rights as a parent.

What Kind Of Custody Arrangement Is Best For Your Family?

Our lawyers know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all custody arrangement. What is fair and workable for one family can create chaos and ill will for another. Some of the elements that make up a custody arrangement include:

  • Whether the parents will have joint (shared) legal and physical custody.

  • A parenting plan outlining time each parent will spend with the child, how they will deal with vacations and holidays and how they will resolve conflicts and changes in schedule.

  • If a parent moves out of town, what sort of visitation rights they will be permitted, and under what conditions.

  • If one parent will be awarded child support to assist with meeting the child’s needs.

  • How the child’s extracurricular expenses and health insurance coverage will be handled.

If you can negotiate some or all of the terms of your custody arrangement in a pre-trial settlement, you can collaborate with your spouse to custom-fit the terms to your child’s needs. Once the divorce reaches the litigation stage, the judge is obligated to follow Ohio family law to determine your custody situation.

Safeguard Your Children’s Wellbeing

Custody decisions can have life-long effects on your children. Trust the attorneys of Johnson & Core, LLP to advocate for a fair, responsible agreement that puts your family’s health and safety at the forefront. Call our offices in Columbus to schedule an appointment, or email us.