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Securing Support For Your Children

With so much at stake in a divorce, it is essential not to leave anything to chance in matters of:

  • Division of assets and debts

  • Child custody

  • Spousal maintenance

Your child support arrangement is a crucial element of your overall divorce agreement. You need a skilled attorney to advocate for you throughout the divorce process. Choosing experienced legal counsel you can trust is vital. At Johnson & Core, LLP in Columbus, our lawyers work hard to pursue the best interests of your family.

A Focus On Children’s Needs

Children in their growing years need support to ensure a chance for adequate development. If you plan on getting a divorce and have children, you want to provide them the best start possible in life. Child support ensures that your children have:

  • Food, housing, and appropriate clothing

  • Educational and athletic participation opportunities

  • Adequate health care

Also, resources should be available if one of your children has special needs that necessitate extra supervision, therapy, or education.

Factors That Determine Support

As part of the overall divorce process, the calculation of child support gets influenced by these factors:

  • Which parent provides health insurance

  • The parenting time allotted to each parent

  • Parental income

A knowledgeable legal advocate can ensure that your children’s support level is fair, taking into account all the determining factors that affect your children’s support level.

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Settling matters in your favor will have a significant impact on your financial situation and lifestyle going into the future. Move on with confidence, knowing that you can pursue a full resolution of your divorce. Give Johnson & Core, LLP, a call today or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation about your case.