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Ending a marriage is never easy. Beyond the emotional upheaval that even a noncontested divorce creates, there are numerous legal details that must be sorted out. Hiring a divorce attorney who understands your current circumstances and future goals is essential for mapping out a healthy post-divorce future.

Johnson & Core LLC works with your family to seek the best solutions to your divorce-related issues. Attorney Johnson and Attorney Core approach divorce actions, inside or outside of court, with the aim of producing results for you that are sustainable. If you’re considering filing for divorce or already navigating the legal system, schedule a free initial consultation in Columbus, Ohio today. Clay and Vincent serve the needs of families in the surrounding counties of Delaware, Fairfield, Richland, and Hocking.

Seeking an Equitable Divorce, Step by Step

The legal team at Johnson & Core LLC is equipped to assist you with every aspect of a divorce. Each marital breakup is unique, and Attorneys Clay and Vincent aim to provide suggestions and representation for these issues, among others:

If you’re dealing with any of these difficulties, get the help you need to seek the resolution you deserve. Work with Johnson & Core LLC.



Property Division & Child Custody in Ohio

Ohio is a state that mandates the division of marital property in a divorce be equitable, and that divorce matters involving children be guided by what is in their best interests. Johnson & Core LLC strives to help you craft an out-of-court settlement with your ex-spouse that meets those standards, yet lets the two of you create a legal document that suits your individual situation. Protect your children, your property, and your future. Ensuring you can start this new chapter out on the right foot is your attorneys’ top priority.

Prepared to Litigate on Your Behalf

If you are concerned that your divorce will need to be litigated to ensure the right results for your family, know that Attorney Johnson and Attorney Core are never afraid to fight in court for what you and your family need. While an amicable resolution may be preferable, you shouldn’t have to settle for less than you deserve for the sake of civility. For the fearless representation you deserve through this tough time, reach out for a free consultation in Columbus today.

Collaborating With You to Reduce Your Legal Stress

When your family is navigating a difficult issue like divorce, you need the guidance of a legal team who will be focused on you. At Johnson & Core LLC, you are the top priority. By providing one-on-one attention and highly personal service, Attorney Johnson and Attorney Core aim to serve as your partners through the legal process. You’ll work closely together to ensure that your needs are being met and your questions and concerns are addressed along the way.

As your family law attorneys, Clay and Vincent will use their diverse experience and distinct backgrounds in law to guide you toward personalized solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to issues involving your family, which is why these attorneys take a tailor-made approach to each case they handle.

Divorce is not something you should have to face alone. Let an exceptional legal team take some of the weight off your shoulders to reduce your stress as you pursue a brighter future. Schedule a free initial consultation in Columbus, Ohio today if you are located in the cities of Mansfield, Logan, Delaware, or Lancaster, Ohio, as well as the counties of Delaware, Fairfield, Richland, or Hocking. The path forward starts here, at Johnson & Core LLC.


If you’re facing the difficult decision of filing for divorce, put a team of compassionate advocates on your side in Columbus. Johnson & Core LLC proudly serves the needs of families dealing with legal issues throughout the surrounding areas of Ohio. Schedule a free initial consultation to start moving forward today.